Mail & More has been serving the Tracy community for over 20 years! Offering professional, friendly service has alwas been our goal, even as our services have changed and evolved.

Jolene helped me with some Notary needs today and was very pleasant. She was 100% more helpful than the nasty girl at the UPS store on S. Tracy Blvd, who couldn't be bothered with my request. I will go to Mail and More from now on for my Shipping and Notary needs. - Mary M. - Yelp

Working with 5 different shipping companies is no small feat, add in all of the other services that we offer and you can see that our staff has to be very well rounded and trained to handle each task that comes along. We are a family owned company and all of our staff is as close as family. That is what has allowed us to remain as friendly and courteous as we are to the needs of each person who walks through our doors.

  • At Mail & More we make it a point to:
  • Greet everyone who walks through our doors and make them feel welcome
  • Be ready to promtly help each customer as they are ready. (No Post Office lines here!)
  • Know the answers or have the resources to find the answers to any questions you may have about our services.
  • Have a notary available as much as possible and our systems online and up to date ready to handle your next shipment.

So next time you need somthing notarized, shipped, or any other basic office need. Feel free to come on in and see if we can help. You will be happy you did!